US Maritime Academy Chicago offers both the Sailing and Commercial Assistance Towing endorsements

Sailing Endorsement

The Sailing Endorsement applies to your Master License. It allows you to take out an Inspected Sailboat with as many passengers as it is certified to hold. Only Masters with the Sailing endorsement can captain an Inspected Sailing vessel. It does not apply to OUPV sailing vessels.

Commercial Assistance Towing Endorsement

The Commercial Assistance Towing Endorsement allows you to work for assistance towing companies like Tow Boat US. In order to charge for assistance towing, the Operator must have the endorsement. You can also charge a person’s insurance company for a tow in even if you are not a regular towing company. This is not applicable to tug boat towing which is another license upgrade.

The exams for the Sailing and Towing endorsements are given during the Spring and Fall Captains Class tests.

Tuition: $75 each or $125 for both